In accord with the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, Cecil Byrne Gallery will host “The Fine Art of Food”, an exhibit featuring guest artist Rosalie Nadeau. Influenced by Realist and Impressionist techniques, Nadeau has said, “I strive to create a tactile presence letting light be the subject… to share through my paintings the intense brilliance and presence I see.” This technique comes alive in her alluring still-life series which will be featured in “The Fine Art of Food”, as it captures the glistening and delectable nature of a Lowcountry favorite: oysters. Works by impressionist artists Sue Gilkey, Jeanne Rosier Smith and Eli Cedrone will also be displayed.  Locally and internationally celebrated, their masterful pastel and oil paintings depict opulent “sweet and savory” still-life imagery, which will lead you from Cecil Byrne Gallery to the nearest fine wine and cheese bar!