Flo Ulrich grew up in San Antonio, Texas and studied art as a child at the local art museum. She won several awards throughout her youth, although she pursued the biological sciences in university, graduate school and her professional life. While maintaining a consulting practice, Flo continued her study of art in her free time, studying with nationally renowned artists at the Fredericksburg Artist School and Scottsdale Artists’ School. With the encouragement of teachers, family, and friends, she decided to pursue fine art full-time in 1998 and sold her practice. As an oil painter, her work is in private collections across the nation as well as internationally. She is a founding member of Plein Air Austin and was accepted into Oil Painters of America and American Women Artists. In 2006, Flo temporarily set aside her brushes, began working in glass as a way to describe imagery less literally than in her painting and quickly garnered national attention. She has been awarded residencies at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA twice and at Northlands Creative Glass in Lyster, Scotland. The work resulting from the Pilchuck residency was part of a nationally touring museum show sponsored by Bullseye Glass Company called “Act 2: The Next Track”. Her works in glass retain the fine art quality as wall pieces describing entrancing light-play and edgework much as her oil paintings do. Now, working in both mediums, she moved, with her husband and dogs, to Charleston, SC to take advantage of its beautiful light, airy marsh vistas, ocean horizons, and historically significant communities. She is engaging in a fresh dialogue that is inspiring each work to push further in expressiveness.